Still in Auroville

We been in Pebblegarden, or the history of how a desert of pebbles can be restored and reconverted in a jungle. The job that they done there is absolutly vibrant and is obious that they become specialists in soil-building. Now the main activity of the place is produce native seeds for local farmers.

Pebble Garden - Biodiversity, Reafforestation, Sustainable Horticulture

We visited too Discipline, a nice organic farm specialized on the production of milk.


Hello world!

Welcome to Anoha Forest Garden.

At the moment we are in Auroville (India) visiting diferent eco-projects and taking some ideas for when we will come back to Spain and we will start to develop our own project in a nice piece of land around 10 acres in Southern Catalonia.

First place that we been voluntering was Sadhana Forest, they are doing a massive job of reforestation, reconverting a desert in a jungle. They comunity system is really eficient and enjoyable. For more information you can visit their website:

Second place was Windarra, also in Auroville, doing a workshop of how build your own windturbine, with not much money. Amazing!

Third place and where we are now is Buddha Garden a nice and quied ecofarm that provide food to the Auroville Comunity. For more information you can visit their website:

We will have you inform.