New woofing experience

We open again our doors for woofers for the next full moon of February (from 17 of February to 4th of March), a good period according the moon for learn new things and start new projects. After this period we will relax for receive the spring equinox and we not receive more wwofers until the full moon of April.

Projects in mind for the February full moon:

1. Plant trees, bushes and bambus for our forest garden and setup the irrigation system.

2. Build a garden storage with pallets and a green roof.

3. Create a byclewashmachine.

4. Build a greenhouse with waste windows.

5. Design a medicine wheel.

6. Perform Agnihotra.

7. Take care of our kitchen garden.

8. Have fun, happiness, harmony, dance, music and celebration of everything everyday.

If you like to join that will be great, as much more people, more creation will flow…

A big hug plenty of love and light!!!